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Charleston, SC --- A former writer for the College of Charleston's Her Campus publication, newly engaged, Velvett is a mother and has two fur sons, Blu & Kato. In May 2019, after graduating from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor's degree in Communication, she became interested in furthering her career in Public Relations and obtained a Master's degree in Public Relations to fulfill her professional aspiration. She enjoys journaling, creating business plans, writing blog pieces, and plotting her future as an Entrepreneur in her free time. 


Velvett became interested in Public Relations after landing an internship in the Office of Alumni Affairs at the College, where she was responsible for crafting social media posts, gaining followers on social media platforms, interacting with Alumni, and assisting with planning campus events. Velvett increased each social media platform by 5 % during her 6-month internship.  ​​


She is the owner of the media company Simm Media and works with solopreneurs to grow, craft, and develop their professional and personal brands. She has two years of experience working as a social media content developer and creating consistent brand themes for small business owners. Some of her most popular services include public speaking, writing press releases, premium website design, creating social media pages, and effective research skills. As a brand strategist, she has a sharp eye for detail that allows her to carry out campaigns, product launches, project planning, and maintaining a client’s brand and image.  

In addition to her primary functions, Velvett is recognized for her hard work, ability to effectively multitask, and swift planning, for her extraordinary commitment to providing others the best experience possible. 

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